A minimalistic in-memory key value store

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Extendable types

Keys have static data types that can be plugged in with ease.

One binary

Kiwi can be directly plugged in as a go library which produces one binary for your application.

JSON compatible

Data can be imported from or exported to JSON very comfortably.

Create a store, add key and play with it. It's that easy!

store := stdkiwi.NewStore()

if err := store.AddKey("my_string", "str"); err != nil {
  // handle error

myString := store.Str("my_string")

if err := myString.Update("Hello, World!"); err != nil {
  // handle error

str, err := myString.Get()
if err != nil {
  // handle error

fmt.Println(str) // Hello, World!

# Contact

If you have a query regarding the product or just want to say hello then feel free to visit chat.sdslabs.co or drop a mail at [email protected]

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